AFMLTA facilitated the Ready? Set? Series of workshops across all Australian states and territories to support teachers in planning and implementing the Australian Curriculum: Language

Ready? Set? Go! (2015) promoted and supported a national conversation around the Australian Curriculum: Languages. It also stimulated teachers to think about, engage with and use the languages curriculum in classrooms across Australia.

Program resources available to download:

Ready? Set? Plan! (2016) was built on the foundation of Ready? Set? Go! and continued to promote the national conversation and engagement with the Australian Curriculum: Languages (AC:L). It also exemplified principles, processes and programs to begin planning with the AC:L and promoted teacher agency in working with the curriculum.

Program resources available to download include:

Ready, Set, Assess! (2018) exemplified the use of principles, processes, programs, including planning and assessment for the AC:L. It was also designed to develop leadership skills and understanding of quality assessment practices.

Student Work Samples